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Securities and Futures Trading
Berich Brokerage Limited, an emerging and well-entrenched institutional investor and brokerage firm in Hong Kong, provides full-fledged financial services to clients comprising: securities trading, margin financing, internet trading, shares custody services, futures and options trading. In addition, Berich Brokerage Limited could furnish clients with one-stop financial services via its well-tuned professional website
Management of Berich Brokerage Limited knows well that it is vitally important for the company to continuously procure and retain competent and quality staff.  As Berich Brokerage Limited’s business grows, management of the company is sincerely looking for account executive(s) with good experience and client connections as follows:
Prospective incumbent holds a valid brokerage license from SFC;

Berich Brokerage Limited will provide professional training to the qualified incumbent;

Attractive share of lucrative brokerage commission and work location; and

Effective computerised broker-supplied dealing system with fast execution of securities trading.
Remark: Berich Brokerage Limited welcomes team(s) as new recruits joining the company.
If you aspire to be one of Berich Brokerage Limited’s competent account executives, please forward your curriculum vitae as follows:
To facsimile number (852) 2543-0606;
To mail your resume to: Human Resources Department, 3/F., Shum Tower, No. 268 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong; or
To contact via telephone with Mr. Lam at telephone number 2534-3108